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Hi everybody!  I'm Robert James Pierce, and I welcome you to Heaven Bound Records!  I hope you enjoy the site and are blessed!

In February 2005 I asked the Lord Jesus to come into my life.  He did, and made me a new creature.  I started writing christian songs, kind of like a musical biographical walk with the Lord.  As I learned, I wrote.  Over the next seven years I wrote many songs and put 30 of them together to create the 3 cd Faith, Hope, and Love Trilogy Box Set.

I have put a few up here for you to listen to.  If you enjoy them, they will be available in the store for purchase.

It all began three weeks after having met Jesus, when I sat down with a pencil and paper to pen "Wrap your arms around me Jesus".  It's not a very long or complicated song, and I think the motivation behind it was that I knew if the Lord Jesus did not hang on to me tight, I would surely fail.  It's such a simple song because I really didn't have much to write yet, as I was taking my first "baby steps".  Looking back now seven years later - "Whew!" - I could have never imagined how wonderful and sweet of a walk it was going to be.  Yes, many up and downs, but Jesus, always faithful, never letting go.

My YouTube channels:

http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVtXotbO4304_h_dR0rj3pQ?feature=mhee (Robert James Pierce)

http://www.youtube.com/user/BibleChannel101?feature=mhee (Bible Channel 101)

http://www.youtube.com/user/DrJVernonMcGee?feature=mhee (Dr. J. Vernon McGee)




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